The WWE confirmed that JinderMahal would face Brock Lesnar in the main event of Monday Night Raw at the Survivor Series. The top two champs are not fighting for unification but a title vs. title match which the fans have kicked against.

On Twitter, fans responded to polls against such a fight. ‘The Modern Day Maharaja’ Jinder – now taunted as Tinder – vs. ‘The Beast’ title vs. title match was just a big letdown for the series as fans expected way more.

Upcoming Fight Between Rua And Villante

The excitement about the upcoming fight between Mauricio Rua and his opponent Gian Villante is mounting as the UFC Fight night 106 comes up.

Rua knows that his opponent has also been his fan and Rua does not have any bad feelings about Villante whom he recognizes as a tough opponent. However Shogun does need to focus on the fact that both of them have conflicting targets to achieve and he needs to safeguard his own interests.

In his words, the fact that Villante is a fan might make it difficult for him to fight him to the finish in the ring. He hopes that the sympathy card will not kick in at the time when the fight gathers heat. Hence, at the press conferences that have been held for the upcoming fight, he has clearly mentioned that he respects Villante’s style and perseverance, but the match would be about true rivalry when he would not be making allowances for Villante.


Fedor Emelianenko has disclosed that he was actually offered a contract with the UFC, but chose to sign with Bellator on account of ‘matters of promotion.’

The MMA legend is among the best fighters of the sport to have not stepped foot inside the UFC’s octagon so when he came out of retirement in 2015, some fight fans were hopeful he would eventually join the company’s ranks.

But, the former Pride and FIAS world champion has now rationalized he failed to accept the terms of the contract the UFC and Dana White presented him prior to his Bellator debut against Matt Mitrione.

“Yes, this alternative was there,” Fedor told

“I was offered a (contract) from UFC, but it did not go well with me. We experienced disagreements, particularly about matters of promotion,” he added.

The UFC have attempted in the past to sign ‘The Last Emperor,’ however, their advances have frequently been batted away as a result of conflicts over pay-per-view cuts, sponsorship constraints, and promotional restraints.

WWE Doesn’t Want Other Wrestling Shows To Be Held During The WrestleMania Week

WrestleMania is considered as one of the biggest entertainment events and it has the potential to generate a huge amount of income for a city playing host to it just like the National Football League. WWE plans events for a whole week so for the audience it is very much entertaining.

Quite a few years back, other wrestling entertainment companies realized that if they stage shows during the WrestleMania week they’ll be able to make more profit.

These shows took place days or even hours before a particular edition of WrestleMania would begin.