Lyoto Machida VS Mauricio Shogun Rua UFC 104 MMA Post Fight Rant And Rave

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  1. tman229 says:

    I agree with you with the most part but you can’t say that about all
    Machida fans. Some of us like me actually been watching Machida fights when
    we was taking on BJ Penn and Stephen Bonnar which is before he even made it
    to UFC and wasn’t even elusive as he is now. But your right. Fake fans only
    began to like Machida went he got 2 KOs in his last two fights before
    Shogun. I’m glad they are gone.

  2. Mannypacquia0 says:

    yeah, i mean just because someone has a bjj base or rediclous bjj skill,
    doesnt mean they have reasonable takedown attempts and such.

  3. WorldTravelerMan says:

    Well there will definitely be a rematch there is no question about that.
    However, when you lose a title fight you usually have to go through 2 or 3
    guys to get another one. That would be a total injustice to shogun. He
    should get an immediate rematch. He fought like a tiger.

  4. cutupyo says:

    Tito Ortiz vs Wanderlei Silva, Tito literally RAN from him. “Running” in a
    “ring” is very possible, don’t be so dimwitted, bro.

  5. WorldTravelerMan says:

    ok. now please explain why you think he won the fight. all opinions are
    welcome here.

  6. GHOSTSHADOW1 says:

    I think( worldtravelerman) is the worlds greatest analyst just like fedor
    is the worlds greatest mma….lol

  7. HandyManny00Lobos says:

    Shut up he won the first time retard.

  8. ez2rockwit says:

    @trainwreck604 – yeah I agree with you GSP sucks. Silva would walk through
    him. GSP’s only chance would be with takedowns, and laying & praying, he’s
    got nothing else to threaten Silva with….on the contrary Belfort is a
    definite threat way and above and beyond GSP. Belfort is light years above
    GSP…GSP is a rookie compared to Belfort…he’s had the HW title & LHW
    title, just image with the MW title. GSP sucks, Belfort is a quicker
    stricker & more precise than SIlva.

  9. RedShogun13 says:

    I like how this guy mentions Shogun’s bailed TD attempts. It’s already been
    stated that the TD attempts were to try to help score more points and just
    because he is a “BJJ Specialist” or so you put it, doesn’t make him a TD or
    wrestling specialist. Also according to just about all online strike
    counters, Shogun officially landed approximately double the amount of
    significant strikes against Machida. The only people calling this a close
    one are the Machida fans. That’s about it. Shogun won.

  10. kevin conroy says:

    i know that sonnen used PED’S and a natural steriod and you say GSP cant
    finish fights explain how come he finished off matt hughes twice explain
    how come he finished off bj penn in there rematch explain how come he
    finished off matt serra in there rematch explain how come before he came
    into the ufc most of his wins were by first round ko or tko and GSP would
    dominate silva on the ground only thing silva is good at is muay thai silva
    is a fake ass clown whos gonna get KTFO by vitor belfort

  11. tman229 says:

    @cutupyo Hmm I saw the match already and I take that back. Far from what I
    mean’t but he did literally run away run from his oponent after getting
    hurt thought not far otherwise he would of gotten a penalty.

  12. OverdueDiligence says:

    why did u remove the video?

  13. ez2rockwit says:


  14. tman229 says:

    Ok that was just stupid to say. Have you seen any of Machida’s fights other
    than in the UFC? He fought in a ring against BJ Penn, Stephan Bonnar, and
    others. And since when you can run in a ring which what Machida far from
    does anyways? Please do you’re research before you say ignorant comments.

  15. jasdiofa says:

    Look at what the stats of what both fighters landed ull see that shogun
    beat him in kicks and punches and affectiveness , fucking robbed clear as
    day.. u lyoto nut huggers need to stfu and hop off his dick u pussys

  16. AndrewBehning says:

    yeah but shogun controlled the pace of the fight and he attacked alot with
    kicks also he wasnt hugging he was utilizing his clinch game

  17. WorldTravelerMan says:

    @OverdueDiligence the video is up. nothing removed. Maybe try loading it

  18. kevin conroy says:

    gayoto “piss drinker” machida got his fucking ass whoped shogun broke his
    ribs fucked up his knee cut up his face and look at shogun just a little
    redness on his body unscaved on his face and ready to fight even more
    machida was gassed he was doing nuthin but running away like a coward in
    the 4th and 5th round judges were to busy sucking machidas cock to realize
    he got his faggot ass whoped glad shogun knocked out machidas punk ass in
    there rematch str8 up machida cant beat shogun

  19. LBos11 says:

    yeah thats true to but machida is one of my favorite fighters so im glad
    machida is still undefeated. but you know what in the rematch machida will
    win he has the one of best mental game out of all the fighters he wont let
    himself do a fight like that again. i would be very surprised if he didnt
    win the rematch

  20. kevin conroy says:

    @ez2rockwit i never said GSP sucks you did idiot your just saying the same
    shit i’m saying but in different words dick smack

  21. chodykumbra says:

    yeah cause people cant dance around and run in the ring!!!!!!!!! Thats
    never happened before!!!!!

  22. 313detbmoney says:

    wow lyoto should of had his belt takin away from him he didnt come to fight
    he danced and waited for the decision not wut a champion does he was afraid
    to fight shogun cuz he knows whos the true champion

  23. buktomsin says:

    im sorry but u are an absolute FUCKING RETARD did you watch the fight and
    dont even TALK about considering all the factors you considered 2 out of 10

  24. LBos11 says:

    yeah i agree

  25. cutupyo says:

    wow, you really know NOTHING About this sport whatsoever. hugging him? it’s
    called the clinch, and shogun happens to be a GOD in the clinch. maybe you
    should learn a bit more about mma before you start formulating opinions and
    acting as if your perspective is nothing more than a retarded rant.