Upcoming Fight Between Rua And Villante

The excitement about the upcoming fight between Mauricio Rua and his opponent Gian Villante is mounting as the UFC Fight night 106 comes up.

Rua knows that his opponent has also been his fan and Rua does not have any bad feelings about Villante whom he recognizes as a tough opponent. However Shogun does need to focus on the fact that both of them have conflicting targets to achieve and he needs to safeguard his own interests.

In his words, the fact that Villante is a fan might make it difficult for him to fight him to the finish in the ring. He hopes that the sympathy card will not kick in at the time when the fight gathers heat. Hence, at the press conferences that have been held for the upcoming fight, he has clearly mentioned that he respects Villante’s style and perseverance, but the match would be about true rivalry when he would not be making allowances for Villante.

The same sentiments have been echoed by Villante as well who states that being a fan of Shogun will not prevent him from wanting to rip his eyes off in the ring. The fight is scheduled in the light heavyweight category which will be the co main event for UFC Fight Night 106. The venue would be in Fortaleza in Brazil. There have been promotions for the fight that have been friendly and respectful. This is a typical style of Rua who is known not to engage in verbal warfare before the bell rings and the fight begins. This is based on his belief that one needs to respect their opponents and not showcase issues that one has had with each other. He feels that many fighters have led to the image of them being savages who come at each other, but it is time that the fighters act professionally and show mutual respect for each other, saving the violence for the ring.