WWE Doesn’t Want Other Wrestling Shows To Be Held During The WrestleMania Week

WrestleMania is considered as one of the biggest entertainment events and it has the potential to generate a huge amount of income for a city playing host to it just like the National Football League. WWE plans events for a whole week so for the audience it is very much entertaining.

Quite a few years back, other wrestling entertainment companies realized that if they stage shows during the WrestleMania week they’ll be able to make more profit.

These shows took place days or even hours before a particular edition of WrestleMania would begin.

It can be said that the fans of wrestling found it very entertaining. But it appears that WWE does not want those shows to take place before their show starts which is evident from their intention of shutting down those shows before they start.

According to a certain report, WWE would open in the stadium where WrestleMania would be held at 1:30pm. WrestleMania usually takes place long after that. Thus the companies that intend to stage their show right before WrestleMania starts will not be able to do that. For the next year’s WrestleMania, WWE is booking multiple venues in Dallas which is in the state of Texas. Though a certain stadium is finalized as the venue for the next edition of WrestleMania, WWE is trying to book other nearby venues. Thus other wrestling promotions will not be able to stage their show there.

The sole reason for WWE doing this is that they want to make more money. But this is a fact that the presence of other companies makes the week more entertaining for the wrestling fans. It is clear that other wrestling promotions do not intend to compete with WWE. They merely intend to make some money. A lot of people come to the place where WrestleMania is being held and they stay there for a week.  So these organizations stage their show there because there are a lot of Wrestling fans around and thus there is the possibility of making more money.